Terms & Conditions of business

Our quotation(s) allow for provision of all labour, plant, masking materials and paint materials to complete all works as agreed between Spray Tone Coatings and its client.

The quotation is valid for a period of 60 days.

On Site:

All quotations assume that the site is in a suitable condition to allow spraying to commence. It is therefore a condition of our quotation and the responsibility of the client to ensure that there is at least 1.5 metres of space to the working area. No activities that produce large quantities of dust around the working areas should be carried out whilst Spray Tone are on site. Quotation assumes un-fettered access to the working areas at all times whilst on site.

Access Equipment:

Standard access equipment, up to a maximum height of 3.00 metres from ground level is included within the quotation. Any additional access equipment required that is not provided for by the main contractor will be at additional cost. All access equipment provided by the main contractor must meet all current Health and Safety Regulations.


A BS or RAL colour reference and gloss level must be supplied, in writing, at least three working days prior to commencement of a project. Spray Tone are able to provide a colour matching service for all colours, with the only possible exception being metallic. Samples must be provided and it may be necessary to carry out trials on site.


All standard masking materials are allowed for within the quotation. These materials are used to protect adjacent surfaces and minimise overspray. Standard materials include masking tape, polythene sheeting. It should be considered however, that internal spraying may leave a fine dust on surfaces the following day.

Please note that although every care is taken when removing masking materials, damage may occur to painted or wall papered surfaces, particularly if recently decorated. We would therefore recommend that our works be completed at an early stage in the decorating programme or a provisional sum be allocated by the client for reinstatement. Spray Tone cannot accept responsibility for this unavoidable occurrence.

Following Spraying:

Depending on the air / surface temperature at the time of spraying, drying / curing times vary. The finish should be touch dry within minutes, but can take anything up to 7 days to fully cure. The new finish is particularly vulnerable to damage in the first 48 hours following spraying and care should be taken not to impact the substrate. Adhesive polythene films etc should NOT be used to protect the substrate following spraying in ANY circumstances. Any subsequent revisits to repair damage of this nature to the spraying will be chargeable.


Please be aware that paint will not adhere to silicone mastic. Should there be extensive silicone mastic to a frame, this must be addressed on site with the client as can incur additional costs, due to the time involved in removing/cleaning to enable spraying to take place.

Force Majeure:

Spray Tone will not be responsible for any delay or default caused by ‘acts of God’ and/or any other restriction which is beyond the reasonable control of the Company.


All external works are weather permitting. Spray Tone reserve the right to withdraw from site until such time as extreme weather conditions do not adversely affect the standard of the agreed works. However, in the event that the weather conditions are deemed to be adverse for spraying by Spray Tone operatives on site, should the client insist that we proceed with our works, in contradiction of that advice, Spray Tone require written instruction from the client clearly stating so. In these circumstances, Spray Tone cannot be held responsible for the performance or aesthetic finish of the coating following works.

Minimum Order Charge:

All quotations are subject to a minimum order charge.


Any request for additional work must be provided in writing by the client prior to commencement on site.
This is either in the form of a signed site instruction, or fax/email to this office.

Aborted Visits:

Unsuccessful attempts to commence / complete works in any given shift, when the reason is outside the
control of Spray Tone will be classed as an aborted visit. In these circumstances we reserve the right to charge an aborted visit charge of £500 plus VAT.

Working Hours:

It is recommended that the majority of our works be programmed for completion out of normal working
hours. If allowed for, out of hours working will be expressly stated on the quotation. If day works are
agreed prior to our arrival, and it is then discovered once on site that the works can only be done out of
hours, an additional charge (based on the amount of time needed to wait) will apply.

Late Notification:

We reserve the right to charge for costs incurred relating to late notification of cancellation (48 hours or
less) by the client.

Payment Terms:

Payment is strictly as per the terms on the quotation.