Can you send me a sample kitchen panel?2018-03-30T10:29:35+01:00

Yes, before we come to you, we send you a sprayed sample panel so that you can test the quality of our paint and check the colour and finish.

Can you spray wood kitchens?2018-03-30T10:07:19+01:00

Yes we can.

Is there a lot of smell and fumes?2018-03-30T10:06:10+01:00

No, as part of our safe contractor approval we have to meet strict health and safety guidelines, we use air purification and extractor fan systems as well as completely enclosing your kitchen in a polythene tent. This ensures there are no odours or fumes in your house.

How long does it take to spray a kitchen?2018-03-30T10:02:01+01:00

It normally takes between 1 and 5 days to spray a kitchen

How much does it cost to paint a kitchen?2018-03-30T10:00:59+01:00

We charge per panel, so if you email us the amount of doors, drawers and end panels you have we can email you back with a price

I have a high gloss laminate kitchen that I want spraying, can you do this?2018-03-30T09:59:58+01:00

Yes we can.

Do you take the cupboard doors away?2018-03-30T09:59:24+01:00

No we don’t take your panels away. We spray everything on site, we have a specially equipped van ,where we spray the doors, drawers, and plinths inside.

Do you spray the insides of the kitchen cupboards?2018-03-30T09:58:05+01:00

We can do, but we generally don’t. This keeps the cost down and to be honest it doesn’t affect the over all look of the kitchen. We do how ever spray inside the glass fronted units.

How do you paint UPVC Windows?2018-03-24T14:24:48+00:00

First the upvc needs to be cleaned, ensuring all grime and any moss is removed, this is done using a upvc cleaner. Once the upvc is cleaned, we then lightly key it. We will then mask the area around the windows. If there are openers, we open these and mask inside, ensuring no over spray can enter the house. This eliminates any lines being left when you open your windows. Once the paint in is dry, normally about 10 minutes we then de-mask and take our all the paper away to be recycled.

Does the paint peel or crack?2018-03-24T14:24:21+00:00

The paint we use is chemically bonded to the plastic which allows it to expand and retract with your upvc as the seasons change. It also has a UV resistance so it will not fade either. The paint manufacturers guarantee is 10 years.

Is there a lot of over spray?2018-03-24T14:23:58+00:00

We use low pressure fine coat spray guns, there is only about 7% difference in our wet spray equipment than to electrostatic spraying. So there is very little over spray.

Can you paint the soffits, fascias and down pipes to match?2018-03-24T14:23:30+00:00

Yes we can, even if they are wood. We normally recommend doing this as it really does lift the whole look of the house.

How long does it take to spray a house?2018-03-24T14:23:09+00:00

Depending on the amount of windows it takes between 1 and 4 days.

What colours do you have?2018-03-24T14:22:48+00:00

The paint can be mixed to any pantone, RAL, BS colour, Farrow and Ball and Little Green.

Do you leave the old Silicone in?2018-03-24T14:21:24+00:00

We can remove and re-silicone in the same colour you choose to spray your windows in.

Can you spray internal windows and doors as well as external?2018-03-24T14:20:41+00:00

Yes we can recolour your internal frames and doors, there is more time involved, as we need to make the area look like a scene from Dexter.This is to ensure there is no fume contamination or over spray.

Is there an advantage to painting UPVC?2018-03-24T14:19:33+00:00

The paint manufacturers state that you will improve resistance.
The painting process improves the chemical, thermal and
mechanical resistance. It is a very good solution to solve
long term deterioration of components mainly where
they are exposed to sunlight, pollution and weather